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Your #1 Source for Advice from the Professionals on Successfully Keeping Saltwater and Coral Reef Aquariums

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The goal of AmericanReef is to educate the hobbyist on keeping saltwater tanks and coral reef  and aquariums. We accomplish this through three shows.

ReefTutor: Discusses and demonstrates the how-tos of saltwater tanks and coral reefkeeping.

Product Showcase: Reviews products used in the set-up and maintenance of fish and coral systems.

Advanced Aquarists Edition: Shows how the experts maintain their systems, and presents topics of interest related to the sea and wild coral reefs.

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How to change your tank stand when your tank is still up and running


Paletta Sunlit Tank - some fish didn't make it

I have been using the HPD for almost a month now I think and all I can say is WOW!  My larger fish love the food. They seem to have much more energy and also exhibit much better color an even show less aggressive behavior to one another. My antias are slow to take to it but that will come over time I am sure plus they are largely plank-tonic feeders anyway. The best part is even the few mushrooms that I have show a feeding response when the food hits the water column.  I do think that HPD is well worth the money and is the best thing since "Sliced Bread". Thank-you for taking time out of your life and bringing such a great product to market and making it available to us subscribers.” ... James

You can purchase AmericanReef HPD at the:


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